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Vermin Composting
Value Added Milk Products

“Vermin Compost” or the excreta of the earthworms is an excellent soil enhancer and bioactive fertilizer for organic farming. We give training, provide necessary solutions and encourage vermin composting to our beneficiaries. Vermi compost is made of natural equipments that will be promoted mainly for organic farming. Vermi compost is given attention as to provide for the Coop members “kitchen garden” to ensure their hygienic and healthy food habit. 

KSF is also working to induce their “Chana project” where collected milk from the Coop members will be used to make sweets. Later, we will be having their own production as well as supply of it market. KSF takes the opportunity to add value to raw milk by producing a wide variety of processed dairy products (cottage cheese, channa, Paneer, Ghee etc.) and expand consumers’ base. This also ensures high-quality organic dairy products and higher returns above base price of raw milk.

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Our Collaborators/Partners

Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited (KKTE)

We started our journey to support organic input for Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited, only 100% organic tea garden of Bangladesh, in 2005. KKTE have been able to retain its philosophy of producing great tea while sustaining natural and social harmony through our non-interruptive supply of organic cow manure. Now, they are growing further in both local and international market, exporting tea to 4 continents.


“Teatulia”, the international brand of Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited, owns and promotes the same shared values of KSF: contributing to engaging and empowering the community and in complete harmony with nature. This brand links the spirit of organic livelihood of thousands of rural women with the conscious world citizen who chooses to support the cause. KSF is proud to be a part of this rim.

All sales of Teatulia help support the Kazi Shahid Foundation.

Meena Bazar

Meena bazar, one of the largest retail supermarket chains in Bangladesh, is the prime buyer of the organic vegetables that our members produce. We supply organic vegetables from our “Organic Farming Program” in savar, directly to Meena Bazar, cutting the middlemen. Meena bazaar is very dedicated in educating the customers about their food and their health benefits. We ensure high quality, freshness and continuous availability of our products to them.

Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

PKSF is directly involved in creating employment, ensuring better livelihood support and promoting innovative financial products for combating poverty and vulnerability. KSF’s initiatives caught PKSF’s attention. Thus, since 2011 we are associated with PKSF’s LIFT program through our Dairy Cooperative Program. “Learning and Innovation Fund to Test New Ideas (LIFT)”, program of PKSF, has been designed to support innovative initiatives that lead to alleviation of poverty. At present there are four branches under this LIFT program and we are expanding steadily.

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