Are you prepared to join the KSF national volunteer program?

Would you like to work with others who share your ambition to enhance your country’s development and advance peace while making a contribution to its growth? To volunteer for KSF on a nationwide level, apply right away.

The wonderful thing about this is that the volunteers themselves improve their skills and development and earn useful experience. Because of this, volunteering is frequently referred to as a win-win scenario.


Working alongside individuals from all around the world, including international volunteers, you will have a beneficial impact on your own country as a national KSF Volunteer. You can contribute your awareness of regional languages and cultures as well as your insider knowledge of the social and economic landscape by being a citizen. National KSF Volunteers are priceless resources, especially at the community level where they encourage greater ownership of programs and projects. Join us right away to accelerate your nation’s progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Enhancing local communities' capacities to enable effective participation in development efforts and access to public services;
  • Encouraging social inclusion and giving underprivileged people and communities more authority;
  • Promoting local and national volunteer efforts;
  • Encouraging local participation in and ownership of development and peacebuilding projects.

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