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Changing Lives with sustainability and responsibility

KSF’s philosophy has been of a society based on sustainable and responsible livelihood and lifestyle.

KSF’s globally recognized cattle-lending program is based on an innovative approach- lending its co-op members cows instead of cash. Co-op members are lent a dairy cow that can be paid back by selling its milk and dung. KSF also facilitates organic vegetable farming, biogas and bio-fertilizer program, and pre-primary education program.

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How are we different? All the programs.

Dairy Cooperative Program

We provide our beneficiaries cows instead of cash and ownership is transferred in exchange for milk and cow dung.

Tea Cooperative Program

Understanding the potential of tea plantation and economic feasibility of this.

Biogas and Bio-fertilizer Program

The Research and Development (R&D) division of KSF is working on the bio-slurry usage as bio-fertilizer.

Education Program

A learning center “Kazi Shahid Shikhan Kendra” has been established.

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we make a change to provide a sustainable and responsible life

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Initiating with such idea in August 2005, steadily led us to be determined for trading their help with poor rural people that could make a huge change in poverty reduction of Bangladesh

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