Success Story

Rowshanpur Branch

Address: Kazi & Kazi Tea Garden, Rowshanpur, Tetulia, Rangpur, Bangladesh

After her marriage, Rabeya’s in-laws separated them from the family as the number of feeding mouth was increased but no income from her husband. Then it became quite impossible for them to manage their family with that poor income from stone labor work. It was in 2011 when Rabeya became a member of KSF and received her first cow loan. Thus she managed the farming somehow and repaid her loan. After that, she took second phase of cow loan and also leased a piece of land for cultivation of Napier grass following the advice of KSF field staff. Rabeya’s husband left his old job of stone labor and started to help Rabeya at her dairy farming. Now Rabeya has eight cows and five calves at her dairy farm which worth about nine lacs Bangladeshi Taka (900,000 BDT). Rabeya took lease of one acre agricultural land to grow crops to feed the family, where they produce rice, chili, maize and high yielding variety grass for the cattle organically. She is managing of her dairy farm as well as household pretty smartly now. In a small village of Tetulia Rabeya is living happily with her family.

Moynaguri Branch

Address: Salbahan, Tetulia Upazila, Panchagarh, Rangpur Division, Bangladesh

They were having hard times when the family started to grow. To get solvency in her family, she planned to start dairy farming with the cows they had. She felt that KSF dairy farming program could help her to fulfill what she was dreaming of having a dairy farm and to help her husband on household expenditure. She visited nearby household of KSF members who were already successful dairy farmers, gave her courage to get involved with this program. After discussing with her family, Seeratun became a member of KSF in 2015. Then being oriented with the program as a new member, she took the dairy loan package of milking cow and a calf which worth about seventy thousand taka. As she was a regular and sincere member of this program, she repaid her first loan in due time and got a second loan. Seereatun now have 11 cows and calves of local and improved varieties in her dairy farm and monthly she is earning a good amount of money from it. By this time she learned about KSF biogas and bio-fertilizer program. Seeratun is having a happy life with her two children, a boy and a girl, and husband.

Dhonipara Branch

Address: Dhonipara, Tetulia Upazila, Panchagarh, Rangpur Division, Bangladesh

Sonachandi is a remote village in Panchagarh, where Morsheda Begum and her family live. Without getting any other options, Morsheda’s husband used to pull rickshaw van around the local areas and she was a housewife. She was passing a very hard time then, but to follow the village customs neither could she do any outside labor work nor could she get any other job she had only primary level education. At that time, she came to know about (KSF) and its contractual dairy farming model. She became the pioneer member of KSF in her area from 2013 and received her first cow loan from KSF to start her dairy farm. Then she and her husband decided to take high yielding improved breed cow as dairy loan and it gave them more profit than earlier. Morsheda and her husband focused on dairy management as full time work. So far Morsheda took cow loan six times and paid back successfully. Morsheda says, “All the expenses of my family come from my own dairy farm income.” She has sent her elder son to Dhaka city for better education and the younger two are studying in the local school.

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