The guiding principle of KSF has been a community built on ethical and ecological means of subsistence. The widely acclaimed cattle-loan program of KSF is built on an original idea: lending its co-op members cows rather than money. A dairy cow is lent to co-op members, and the loan can be repaid by selling the cow’s milk and manure.
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KSF is built on a novel idea

Instead of giving its members cash, the Foundation gives them cows, and they pay back the "loan" with daily payments of milk and cow dung. This innovative formula has not only ensured steady supply of manure for a garden now approaching thousand acres, but also brought around phenomenal transformation to the lives of the KSF women.


Contract dairy farming is recommended for rural residents, especially women, as it may greatly aid them to improve their economic situation. Named after our founder, Kazi Shahid Ahmed, KSF is fulfilling the mission of improving the lives of our neighbors more deeply than even we imagined possible at the time of the cooperative's founding.

Biogas Plant

Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) built two biogas plants in Panchagarh for some farmers that are managed through KSF. KSF helped the farmers to repay their loan to CSD and take care of the biogas plants.

Education program-KSF preprimary school

A total number of 30 students are already enrolled in the Learning Center of KSF. The Learning Center “Kazi Shahid Shikhan Kendra” has been established at Madhupara under Ambarkhana Union of Panchagarh Sadar Upazila of Panchgarh District. The procedures of this Learning Center are currently ongoing process.

Awareness program

Different training sessions are being held for the farmers in different branches. The beneficiaries have extended their activities to backward integration by growing improved quality grass for their cows. They are continuously given training and other support.

Organic Farming Program

KSF has introduced the concept of organic vegetable farming in Savar. We provide resources, financial capital, and knowledge that allow farmers to grow organic food that are in demand and help lift their families out of poverty.

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