When Shahida Begum was asked about her dreams meet in next five years, all Shahida talked was about the well being of her family. Apparently Shahida resembles typical women of our country whose entire life evolve around the family. As if they don’t have any other identity than their family. Yet, the difference between Shahida and other women is that Shahida can confidently say that her future will be dwelled with contributions both by her husband and herself unlike other women. Shahida's family consists of three sons and two daughters and her husband; all her efforts are focused on reaching her family at a more safe and sound status.

It is notable that gender violence is absent in Shahida’s family whereas it is a burning problem in rural community. In contrast, Shahida was encouraged by her husband Shahidul when she feared to take challenge of doing something of her own. Shahida has been with KSF since 2006. It’s been long time and the outcome Shahida got was vivid when someone steps in her house. Her new home could tell us that she used the money for her home and lease some lands as well. Her contribution in family allows her to have equal power like her husband. Shahida now can interfere in the important matters like her daughter’s marriage and economic matters. Ultimately, Shahida is now a successful woman who does know the incentives of taking a different and challenging path of life.
KSF is based on an innovative approach: the Foundation provides its members Cows...
KSF has introduced the concept of organic farming to men and women in Savar.
A learning center "Kazi Shahid Shikhan Kendra" has been established at Madhupara of Panchgarh District.
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