Dairy Cooperative Program:  
KSF is based on an innovative approach - we provide our beneficiaries cows instead of cash and ownership is transferred in exchange for milk and cow dung. Rural people, especially women, are encouraged in contract dairy farming which improves their economic status as well as social status. There are about 1060 members in the Contractual Dairy Farming program. Two of these branches are now funded by PKSF’s LIFT project –expected to be expanded later.

Moreover, our beneficiaries have extended their activities to backward integration by growing improved quality grass for their cows. They are continuously given training and other support.
Tea Cooperative Program:
Understanding the potential of tea plantation and economic feasibility of this, KSF has started organic tea plantation in Panchagarh through encouraging local farmers to grow organic tea. A total of 44 members in eight cooperative clusters under four branches namely Darjipara, Moynaguri, Rowshanpur and Shukani are engaged in organic tea farming. To date, the project covers a total of 43.7 acres of land which will increase every year.

Organic Farming Program:
KSF has introduced the concept of organic vegetable farming in Savar. We provide resources, financial capital, and knowledge that allow farmers to grow organic food that are in demand and help lift their families out of poverty.

Our program facilitators collect the vegetables directly from the beneficiaries and supply them to the largest superstore Meena Bazar, cutting out middlemen.

Education Program:  

A learning center “Kazi Shahid Shikhan Kendra” has been established at Madhupara of Panchagarh district. This learning center aims to create a warm, comforting and stimulating environment for children that will encourage them to learn. The curriculum is designed to provide basic literacy and numeracy to the poorest rural children who do not have access to the formal education system.

KSF is based on an innovative approach: the Foundation provides its members Cows...
KSF has introduced the concept of organic farming to men and women in Savar.
A learning center "Kazi Shahid Shikhan Kendra" has been established at Madhupara of Panchgarh District.
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