"I think organic tea is the most profitable harvest among all crops, once it is ready to harvest and market" this is how Kazi Aminur, a 48 years old organic tea farmer living in Tetulia, Panchagarh, values organic tea farming. Kazi Aminur is with KSF since 2007 and he is from Mahananda group of Darjipara branch. He is now cultivating organic tea in 4 acres of land. KSF assisted Aminur all the way from land preparation for tea cultivation to market linkage of green leaf including labor wages for sowing seedlings, organic fertilizer, shade tree, pest control and all sorts of technical support. In primary stage he received regular trainings on organic tea cultivation (2 -3 times a year) from KSF. First three to four years of tea farming was very hard for him as he had to spend a lot of his time, resource and labor to nurture tea cultivation. It was quite difficult for him to comply with follow all the details of organic farming. All his hard work has paid him off. He has been awarded with training certification from Lacon, an International certifying agency. At present Aminur's monthly income from tea exceeds Tk.50,000 which has made him confident enough to further his tea farming. He would like to cultivate tea in all in of his 20 bighas land in near future. Kazi Aminur is an ideal example of organic tea cultivator and an inspiration for the growing number organic tea farmers of Panchagarh district. "It's pity that so many youths end up as unemployed after spending valuable resources in various higher degrees. Instead if they join rural entrepreneurship as offered by KSF not only their future would be brighter and strengthened the economic landscape of the nation would be changed as well" says the agripreneur towards the youth of the country.

KSF is based on an innovative approach: the Foundation provides its members Cows...
KSF has introduced the concept of organic farming to men and women in Savar.
A learning center "Kazi Shahid Shikhan Kendra" has been established at Madhupara of Panchgarh District.
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