Champion's March: From ordinary housewife to extraordinary entrepreneur

"Mst. Afroza Begam (Fency) one of Kazi Shahid Foundation’s exemplary member and she has become a prominent local entrepreneur from a housewife.

She got married at her teenage before completing her Secondary School Examination and took the responsibility of her ailing mother in law and became a mother herself as well. Her husband is a Lecturer of Tetulia Degree college, who is very supportive for her education; with his encouragement and help she completed her B.A. degree.  She tried to get a job but due to her family responsibilities she could not involve to any outside job. She came to know about Kazi Shahid Foundation (KSF), and activities of KSF Dairy Program. She became a member of KSF since 2013 and took a cow with a calf as a loan from KSF which she repaid within two years, made her confident enough to get more loans in the same way. She started of getting profits by selling calves. She engaged in KSF’s Bull Rearing Program simultaneously. The continuous process of cow and bull lending and repaying made her to build a profitable entrepreneurship. She and her husband bought farming land, tea garden, fish farming pond, also employ several workers for assisting in the farm.

Afroza is now leading a fully organic livelihood. Her family uses this cow dung for organic farming and to minimize the wastage of cow dung. She is the first KSF member who has installed the fiberglass biogas plant in her household.

“Using biogas for cooking makes life easier and I have time for myself.”- Afroza
 She is using bio slurry in her tea garden, kitchen garden and fish pond as organic nutrient source. Her realization after becoming a beneficiary of KSF made her what she is now. Currently, she earns substantial amount of money and can also looks after her family. She has two daughters and one son who all are studying at primary and secondary level. She is leading a very happy and a successful life. Afroza is a role model in her community and she is thankful to KSF. Her accomplishment encourages others to move forward and make a change to their lives.

KSF is based on an innovative approach: the Foundation provides its members Cows...
KSF has introduced the concept of organic farming to men and women in Savar.
A learning center "Kazi Shahid Shikhan Kendra" has been established at Madhupara of Panchgarh District.
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