Impact Analysis

An impact study was conducted by an independent research organization Change Maker in 2012. The study found that 1) The women who have become co-operative members and got cow rearing as their occupation had increased their monthly income by 5000-10,000 BDT, 2) They became micro entrepreneur and 3) They got the technical know-how of scientific cow management. As per the report the most significant impact of KSF’s initiative is forming a “Knowledge Network” through facilitating experience sharing, exposure to various techniques and continuous knowledge exchange. This has been identified as a valuable and effective method for capacity development.

Impact Analysis of Kazi Shahid Foundation
KSF Diary Model

Panchagarh is a district of Rangpur division in the extreme northern part of Bangladesh. The poverty level in the Panchagarh area is one of the highest in the country. Within this backdrop rural people of this region have a very limited access to income generating activities apart from extraction of sub-surface sand and stone.

Learning and Innovation Fund to Test New Ideas (LIFT)"- a Program of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) has been proposed to back inventive exercises that incite diminishment of dejection. KSF has been executing a contractual dairy program with a plan to help in expanding earnings and reasonable occupations of the focused on landless and smallholdings through supporting sustainable agricultural processes.

KSF’s advance is given not just on the premise of abilities and open doors additionally on the capability to reimburse. Thus, the "smarts" generally overwhelms the credit procurements, leaving the "less smarts" in their typical dejected circumstance. The KSF model for credit procurement for a budgetary riches creation is a wonderful flight from the conventional micro credit administrations. The exercises of the venture could be best seen by sub-classifying into three real fragments: cattle feed, milk and dung. An essential need for cultivating enhanced mixture dairy animals is to nourish them with bigger amount and better quality grass, to get maximum yield.

KSF Dairy Model additionally encourages organic tea plantation, natural vegetable cultivating and supply, bio-manure creation and instruction programs. KSF accepts that by starting and encouraging smallholder dairy creation in the Panchagarh especially among the rural women could be utilized as a capable device for diminishing destitution, raising sustenance levels and enhancing the livelihoods of country individuals in numerous creating nations. KSF's Specialized Dairy Farming Program had turned out to be an intense apparatus for decreasing destitution. Likewise, the specific dairy cultivating project has amended the antagonistic situations as well as the beneficiaries' diligent work brought about the improvement of their fixed asset.

Executive Summary
KSF at Sustain Tech 2017, Canada

Dr. Shahana Afrose Chowdhury, Manager (R&D), KSF and Mr. Jay Ohlmacher, Adviser, KSF co-authored and jointly presented a paper titled “An Innovative Approach Towards Sustainable Energy in Rural Bangladesh” at the Sustain Tech 2017 conference organized by the Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association (SEiMA) in Saskatoon, Canada.

Impact Analysis of Kazi Shahid Foundation
KSF is based on an innovative approach: the Foundation provides its members Cows...
KSF has introduced the concept of organic farming to men and women in Savar.
A learning center "Kazi Shahid Shikhan Kendra" has been established at Madhupara of Panchgarh District.
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